Are you about to welcome a newborn into this world or planning to redecorate your baby’s room? If you are like most new parents who think that baby room decorating is merely for the sake of aesthetics, it’s time to alter that perspective and get a more practical approach in choosing baby room decors.

First, there are a number of things to consider when baby room decorating. Decorating a baby’s room should be based on two aims: 1) it has to be aesthetically-pleasing; and 2) to provide room for visual stimulation. Brain stimulation is essential for the cognitive development of babies and may even help lay strong foundations for his future abilities.

However, don’t forget to have fun while decorating you little tot’s room. Choosing a theme can also be exciting for both parents so enjoy the experience while it lasts. Here are practical ideas on how to decorate a baby’s room.

Baby Room Decorating by Age

The belief that babies aged 0 to 2 months are incapable of perceiving colors has long been negated. In fact, many studies have revealed that infants within this age range can see contrasting colors, particularly red, black, and white.

If you want your baby’s room to be functional, choose accessories that run a contrast of these three colors. You’ll see how your baby will learn to focus her eyes on objects under these colors. This helps improve your baby’s concentration, which will eventually increase as she gets older.

You may introduce different colors when your baby turns six months old, which is the time that their eyes ability to see colors is fully developed.

You don’t always have to follow the traditional assumption that blue is for boys while pink is for girls. It’s not to say that exchanging colors is a good idea because colors do have an effect on our emotional being. However, visual stimulation is increased if you explore on using different colors as long as they are fully coordinated.

Choosing a Theme

This is a no-brainer and oftentimes, it is the parents’ preference that gets realized. You can safely select a color-theme using one hue in different tones or a number of colors that are entertaining for your baby. On the other hand, you may purchase an ensemble for color coordination.

You may select from the hundreds of ready-made baby room decorating products such as cartoon characters. Just make sure that the design features colors, shapes, and familiar objects that your baby can relate with the real-world. This can facilitate learning so that all you need to do is encouraging stimulation by pointing to real objects.

Room Size and Budget

Now that you have an idea on how to decorate your baby’s room, the last consideration would be your budget and the size of the room intended for the baby. Infants grow in an astounding rate, and so to are their mental abilities. By the time they turn three, children may already be allowed to make choices, and that includes allowing them to choose a room design.

Before that time comes, it will be your decision that counts. Don’t splurge on spending for your baby room decors because, like baby clothes, your baby will outgrow them, too! What matters is you keep the room uncluttered by adding pieces of furniture where baby items can be safely kept. Also, child-proofing the room is of grave importance to avoid problems arising from minor accidents.

With the vast array of accessories to choose from, there should be less confusion associated with choosing baby room decors. Just consider this a fun activity that not only the baby will enjoy the fruits of your labors, but also you as parents.