The secret is not yet out—Nicaragua is the next big retirement haven. When some people hear that Nicaragua is a great place to retire, they refuse to believe it, still viewing this beautiful county as war-torn and unsafe. What you might not know, however, is that Gallup and The Economist have recently rated Nicaragua as the safest Central American country. Yes, you read that correctly. So what makes Nicaragua such a great place to retire?

  1. The Views. Nicaragua has been too long overshadowed by war. This country is stunningly beautiful, with plenty to offer those who come to visit or to stay. With dual coastlines, the ocean vistas are especially abundant, but the Central American rainforest that seems to envelop even the big cities is especially gorgeous.
  2. The Low Cost of Living. Aside from the fun and adventure, Nicaragua offers a very low cost for a high standard of living. With developers just catching on to the tourist craze, there are plenty of gorgeous, renovated colonial homes to purchase for pennies on the dollar.
  3. The Adventure. Your golden years do not have to be spent in a rocking chair. With cities to explore and forests to hike and oceans to swim in, Nicaragua offers a unique combination of relaxation and adventure that would appeal to any retiree. If sitting in your rocking chair and reading your days away is what you want to do, do it in the warmth and fun of Nicaragua.
  4. The Architecture. Nicaragua is a melting pot of traditional Spanish, English, and Native American influences, creating a unique blend of architectural styles. Just walking up and down the streets of Granada will take you past some of the most spectacular buildings in the country. You can even live in one of these beautiful buildings!
  5. The Culture. If you are still concerned at all about the atmosphere of Nicaragua, don’t be! Nicaraguans are a friendly, welcoming people, eager to share everything they have to offer with those who move into their country. Nicaragua has a rich and ancient culture, and the country is full of museums and historical sites, which make great outings for when you’re feeling adventurous.
  6. The Coastline. There is nothing like the unspoiled coasts of Nicaragua. Because there is so little tourism, the beaches are still pristine and clean. With coastlines on both sides of this country, there is swim and surf, as well as all the fresh seafood you could ever want. You are never a few hours from the ocean, which makes it a much better retirement location than anywhere in America.
  7. The Food. You do not have to spend you golden years eating the same bland food you have eaten your entire life. Nicaragua’s culture has a heavy emphasis on great food—take