About Ozzie Listing

What We Offer?

Our passion is helping Australians find their new favorite local businesses. We provide businesses with a place to list themselves and to helping customers connect with those businesses. Ozzie Listing is designed to bring local businesses to more local customers and clients, helping to sustain those businesses that keep local economies strong. We know that it can feel difficult to compete with national and international big businesses, so we have provided a space for local businesses to not only list themselves, but also to become more visible to their target audience and even to collect reviews, which are integral to purchasing decisions.

Ozzie Listing is an online directory of businesses in Australia. Attracting searchers from all over Australia, businesses are listed first by location and then by relevance, so customers who are looking for businesses in their local area can easily find them and decide which business to give their money to. Our site is completely mobile friendly, so you can find what you are looking for, even when you are on the move. This is a unique opportunity to bring businesses and potential customers together.

While businesses can set up or claim their listings, some of the information on the listing is provided by third parties, which helps us provide a much more comprehensive picture of every local Australian business.

What sets us apart?

We provide the opportunity for visitors to leave reviews on the businesses they have dealt with, to help future customers or clients choose which companies to do their business with.

Photos help to legitimize a business and can help a customer locate that business in the real world. The ability to post photos will help your business top your competition.

Maps on every page makes it easy for those who are looking for a business right now to find it. Instead of just providing you with an address, we show you exactly where to go.