Bathroom designs are largely determined by the amount of space you have to work with. That is why there are designs for small and large spaces. Having a small bathroom does not mean that you can’t have it pretty. There are designs that you can go with for your small bathroom. Here are a few things that will help you get that perfect design for your bathroom no matter how small it is.

  • Utilise every bit of space. The shape of the whole space will determine how you do this. If you have corners, that’s better. If you have a vanity, move it to one corner. You can have the vanity complete with a sink and mirror. This will save you so much space. The vanity should also have drawers for storage. This will save you from having to install a medicine cabinet.
  • Have the bathroom fitted with frameless glass showers. The glass makes the space look larger. It will give that illusion of your shower being bigger than it actually is.
  • Avoid clutter in the bathroom. Make sure that things barely kept in their respective places. Have the towels folded neatly and place them in the vanity. Have a custom bowl or basket more other stuff in your bathroom. You can choose an antique bowl for this. It will add some style to your bathroom.
  • For the walls, go with some warm colours. Shades of brown, sea blue or green, shades of red or orange are some of the colours that will look good for small bathroom. Avoid dark colours that will require too much lighting. Dark colours will also make he bathroom look smaller. Alternatively, you can just go with white.
  • Add hooks around the bathroom to hang wet towels. You can have them behind the door of the bathroom. You can also get a toilet that incorporates a sink too. That means you will save on the space would have put the sink.
  • Built in shelves are life savers in this situation. They provide a lot of storage space while occupying very little space. You can see the shelves for your jewel boxes. You can also place some decorative pieces around the shelves.


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