Evaporative air conditioning entails combination of natural processes in which water is evaporated in a simple and reliable air-moving system. Moist pads are used to pull fresh air from the outside. This air is circulated in a building after it has been cooled using larger blowers. Through this process, temperatures of the air from outside are lowered to as low as 30 degrees. As long as the air that is being drawn by the cooler is desert-like and dry, these evaporative air conditioners work very effectively. However, their ability to work effectively reduces as humidity increases.  Before choosing this method of air conditioning, it is imperative that you take time to determine whether it is suitable for your property.

Evaporative air conditioning is different from typical air conditioning. This is because typical air conditioning uses absorption refrigeration and vapor compression cycles. However evaporative air conditioning is different. It works by employing vaporization of enthalpy water. Phase transition of water causes significant reduction in the temperature of dry air. Thus, this air conditioning uses much less amount of energy in cooling a home. In addition, this cooling offer added benefits to places of dry climates. More moisture ensures comfort of people occupying a building.

Nevertheless, this cooling requires a reliable source of water. This is because it must use water in its operations. This form of air conditioning uses a principle that is similar to that of a wet cooling tower or air washer. However, the air conditioning unit is designed for cooling a building directly. For instance, it comes with a cooler that is designed in a way that makes it keep the coils of the refrigeration system or air conditioning system cool. This enhances efficiency of the air conditioner. Basically, when you understand how an evaporative air conditioning works you can easily determine whether it is suitable for you or not.


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