Lunch is one of the most important meals in the day. It is during such lunch time that the corporate people, students in schools and families get to come together and talk while they enjoy a meal. The corporate person may not have had time to take breakfast, and can certainly not prepare lunch due to the busy schedule. Therefore, if you would wish to start up a catering business, you may want to specialize in catering lunch.

What factors should you consider while staring catering lunch business?

  • Target clients

If you are preparing lunch for a corporate person, you should consider the fact that they have spent a long time working and as such, very tired. This comes with loss of appetite, and you may want to prepare very tasty and quality food that arouses their appetite.  Still, ensure that your food is balanced and is full of energy giving foods for your corporate clients. The food should also be affordable to enable you to get regular customers for your business. Students may also need appetizing and affordable food.  You should also have a variety of foods to ensure that your clients are not bored, which may lead to decrease in sales.

  • Timing

Ensure that you are sure of the time that your target clients will be out for lunch. Some of the clients may be free late in the afternoon while some are free to have lunch during the mid-morning. Knowing the different times when your clients break for lunch will help you serve warm food – as it is demanded by most clients. It is important to note that serving cold food will make you loose most of your clients.

  • Facilities

Starting up a catering business needs you to invest in facilities such as serving items, trucks, carts, tents among others. You could hire some of these facilities as at the beginning, and then buy your own to save on costs as your business grows. You should invest in the facilities with the consideration of the number of target clients and the type of catering business you would wish to have.  

Catering lunch is one of the businesses that could fetch you a lot of money. However, you should always make proper arrangements to ensure that everything is in place before you can start. You should take time to research on the business, and your clients to ensure that you have satisfied them on a daily basis. You may also do lunch catering for specific functions, which will also need you to research widely.


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