Innumerable tourists visit South Australia every year. This is because the destination is full of charm, giving you a break from the normal sites that you see in other tourist destinations. As a tourist, you do not only have much to see, but you could also engage in a lot of activities during the south Australian tours. Here are some of the places you must visit during the tours:

  • Adelaide hills

Many tourists retreat in this site; it offers a break from the busy and chaotic city life. As you watch the peaceful country, you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip. You could also shop in some of the shops at Lobethal where a lot of artists will be showcasing their pieces, especially during the weekends. You could also engage in picking straw berries at Beerenberg.

  • Gawler ranges

This is one of the national parks that every tourist should visit during the south Australian tours. It has the most magnificent ranges and beautiful vegetation that anyone could ever see.  While in the park, you could take bush walks and get to see some rare wild flowers and lakes such as the Gairder. There are also very great camping sites within this national park.

  • Murray River

The south Australian river is to be experienced by every tourist, and you could take a one day trip to see various vegetations along the banks and get to visit several parks. Still, you will get ideal places for picnics along this river. One of the activities that you could engage in is fishing. You should also visit Murray Bridge, where you can relax and get to have a local cruise.

  • Hanhdorf

While on south Australian tours, you should visit Hanhdorf to learn about German history and culture. You will be fed with the authentic foods and beverages, while displays of German culture will be evident in every place that you visit.  You could also explore the surrounding regions that also bring about a thrilling experience; for example, the surrounding Adelaide hills not too far from this place.

  • McLaren Vale

Tourists visit this destination for only one reason- wine. There approximately forty wineries and many vineyards that offers you a pleasant site to watch and also get to have a glimpse of the famous wine festivals.  The town has a lot of history and much to learn from especially about wine and Australian culture.

South Australia is beautiful, and an ideal tourist destination for anyone who wants to learn and enjoy peaceful sceneries. Your tour package should always include most of the best sites so that you can get to see all the wonderful places in South Australia


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