The installation of floor covering is often referred to as flooring. It may involve extensive or less strenuous work depending on the kind of material used. Flooring is considered the foundation of interior design. The beauty of the indoor environment is not only accentuated by the color of walls and designs and hues of furniture. The floor covering can also contribute to the aesthetics of the interior.

There are different kinds of flooring common in many homes and other buildings. The concrete, perhaps, is the most common. It is made of solid structure and is less prone to noise vibration produced by stomping and walking. To make the concrete seamless and also for added attraction, application of epoxy or polyester compounds or latex may be required for a seamless floor. Application of chemicals to concrete flooring may also be necessary in the prevention of wear and stains.

If you want luxurious or classical flooring, you may opt for hard floors such as marble, granite and slate as well as brick and tiles. When you decide for hard floors, you may have to have rough floors as foundation. Hence, sub-flooring is required before installing the tiles, blocks or sheets of hard materials for floor covering.

Marble and granite floors have appealing structure. They are often installed in buildings and homes for a grandeur floor covering. These kinds are reflective with the capability to retain heat. Polishing may be required minimally to restore the elegant reflection. Installing granite and marble to the floor can bring charm to the foundation. However, they can also spell exquisiteness.

If you want less expensive yet hard floor covering, you can settle for synthetic tiles. Terra cotta, mosaic tile, quarry tile and ceramic tiles are options of tiles that can be used for hard flooring.

If you want your room to have utilitarian, sidewalk-like flooring, you can select bricks for floor covering. If you have busy lifestyle and you want floors that would only need damp mop cleaning, bricks can be a choice for flooring.

Hard floor covering can also be made from modern materials such glass, acrylic and metal. Glass is exotic yet costly. Installing this kind of floor covering would literally need support on all edges.

If you desire for the same attributes as glass but less expensive, you can decide for acrylic. This kind of flooring can be found with lights below on it producing a lighting effect on the floor.

Anti-slip mechanism such as sand blasting may be required for acrylic and glass floorings. However, because of their vulnerability to scratches, they may not be suitable for home flooring. Nevertheless, if these materials are preferred, they are suited to install in low-traffic areas of the home such as personal living room.

Metals particularly aluminium and stainless steel can be used for floor covering. This kind is reflective yet not so common for domestic application.

Wood flooring and fibre flooring are popular in homes and commercial spaces. Wooden tiles and sheets are commonly found in older homes. Some homes also use wooden planks. Laminated wood flooring is best for high-traffic areas for they are designed to resist moisture. Other wooden flooring may be required to be stained or sealed with finishes to be able to withstand dampness.

Meanwhile, fibre flooring maybe preferred if you want the living area to be noise absorbent. This kind is soft to touch and can blend well in any interior decor. However, this type of flooring can attract dust and pollens. Regular vacuuming may be required to keep the indoor environment with a carpet flooring tidy and less dusty.

Rugs can be used for flooring but their covering is limited. They can be used under the dining table or living room furniture set.

The selection of flooring materials is not only determined on a matter of choice but also in attributes. The cost and the interior design are other considerations. When you select for floor covering, make sure that you have gathered information with regards to their attributes as well as pros and cons.


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