When planning a trip to Sydney, most people are looking for the best attractions, places to visit that are budget friendly and sometimes locations that are off the beaten track.  We’ll talk about some ideas for all three!

Places to Visit for Those on a Budget

One of the well known attractions in Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  To visit for a full climb is not for the faint of heart and it does have a price.  The bridge is among the word’s widest and tallest bridge of its type.  For those looking for more inexpensive options, visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge but head for the pedestrian area on the east side of the bridge where you can stroll for free. 

Almost everything is free at the Art Gallery NSW (New South Wales) and you can spent a little time there or enjoy an all day visit.  There are amazing permanent galleries, events, tours, talks, and children’s trails that are all free.  Only some of the temporary exhibits and special events require admission costs.

Places for Everyone

The Royal National Park is a fantastic experience and has options for families of all sizes or adventure-minded adults.  The park has a little bit of everything that is Sydney.  You can swim, hike, bicycle, and climb.  Be sure to go prepared according to your plans.  If you just want a drive, you can do that in comfort, or you can get into a swimsuit or your rugged gear and enjoy the outdoors.

For a location to see interesting things but also get an excellent view of other places you might want to go, check out the Taronga Zoo.  Whether walking the paths to see the animals or riding the cable car you’ll also be able to spot Sydney Harbour Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House.  During your visit you can see the wild side of Australia up close and personal.

Something a Little Different

If you are hoping for something more unique, consider a tour led by an Aboriginal guide.  You can find tours to learn about the survival skills of the Indigenous people or get opportunities to taste some kangaroo meat and grubs! 

Perhaps something more intense is your style?  If eating grubs isn’t enough, head to Maniax for some ax throwing!  With a small group you can get a session of coaching by axe throwing professionals who will teach you and then let you bury the hatchet yourself.


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